5 Healthy Ways You Can Boost Your Immune System Post-Lockdown

As we emerge into the light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, there is certainly a feeling of hope in the air. With some national restrictions lessening and several of the previous social-distancing limitations being lifted, life is beginning to return to some sense of normality.

It has never been more important to take good care of our physical and mental health. Boosting our immune system is a place way to start! By nurturing better health, we facilitate potential prevention of infection. We will also enjoy better energy levels along with a much-needed boost to our sense of wellness in the short and long-term future.

Here are 5 easy ways that you can boost your immune system post-lockdown:

1 – Get yourself moving.

Now that there are fewer restrictions in place, there is little excuse not to get out of the house for a brisk walk of at least half an hour. There is a variety of free online exercise videos accessible via YouTube and similar platforms. Build activity into your day in short bursts by challenging yourself to do crunches, stretches or similar movement sets while you wait for the kettle to boil each time you go to make yourself a coffee. Or just enjoy a silly dance around the living room, if that’s what makes you happy. Every time you get your heart moving a little faster you are building its muscles while super boosting your immunity levels. Put that kettle on and get moving!

2 – Invest in the safety of yourself and others.

Viruses are easily transferred via droplets that hang in the air and through direct liquid transfer. To counteract the risks, wear a protective mask whenever necessary. If you are struggling with facial discomfort, then invest in better quality masks than the ones you have experienced. BiolyMasks are designed specifically to remove common ‘glass fog’ problems for eyeglass wearers, and offer wearability for all face shapes due to fit conscious design.

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With rapid, reliable delivery anywhere in the US you’ll soon be able to venture outdoors in both comfort and safety.

3 – Boost your nutrient intake

No need to rush out and buy lots of ingredients you’ll likely never use. You also don’t need to eat foods you don’t enjoy. Learn some new recipes that include immune boosting ingredients such as raw ginger, cruciferous vegetables, and fresh tomatoes. There are many great tasting smoothie mixes and organic protein powders you can throw into a daily smoothie. Invest in some quality supplements that you can easily add to your daily routine. Give your mind and body the food it needs to work at its best and your immunity will naturally strengthen in no time.

4 – Hydrate your way to better health.

Our bodies cannot function efficiently when they are not sufficiently watered. Your house plants wither pretty rapidly without regular watering, and your body will respond similarly! Aim for at least 2 litters per day. Boost your H2O intake by adding caffeine-free teas into your daily hot drink routine. Your mental clarity will rapidly improve and your kidneys will thank you in the longer term.

5 – Be kind to yourself.

In the current circumstances, stress is almost unavoidable. Unfortunately, stress is one of the greatest threats to our wellbeing and immunity levels. This is not a time to be scolding yourself for not achieving enough, despite what your social newsfeeds might be telling you. Learn to listen to your body intuitively and give it what it needs. If you need to rest, then do so. If you’re hungry, eat something that will nourish you. Remove unnecessary self judgement and focus on taking good care for yourself.

Most important of all, take your time. Resist the temptation to rush back to your usual hectic schedule and depleting routines. Consider this episode as a rare opportunity to rebuild your life into a healthier, happier shape where possible.

You don’t need to run a marathon anytime soon, or completely revolutionize your family’s weekly meal plan. Making conscious small changes in the ways listed in this article could significantly improve your immunity levels and wellbeing within days.

Consider this is your moment to reset!

Don’t let go of those long afternoons spent at home with your children. Keep resting, retain communication with loved ones, and take better care of yourself than ever. You are worthy of self-care and deserve to enjoy great health both during lockdown and far beyond.

So – what are you waiting for?

Put that BiolyMask on and head outside for that brisk daily walk with an energizing smoothie in hand. It’s time to embrace the future and all of its gifts. Safely, of course!

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